ISIS now has a secure messaging app!

Today on the internets, we are learning that ISIS has developed a "secure" messaging app.

The article gives a scary description how it can be used for terrorism. At the end of the article it talks about the current debate where the FBI wants all end to end communications to either have backdoors installed in them or be made illegal.

Here is the thing and where the skeptic in me cries out. The article states that this is an android app. All cellphones have a legally mandated backdoor installed in them as required by CALEA

Cellphones are essentially two computers in one. One is for the user interface(Android, iOS), the other is for the radio and to some degree the physical hardware (baseband.) Phone basebands are closed secrets that are absolutely illegal to modify or access. Not much is known about them or their function outside of interfacing with the phone network. Many people suspect that basebands can access microphones, keyboards, GPS, etc. 

Second, although there is debate with Apple and Google on the backdoor issue, they will work with law enforcement to unlock phones and recover information. What is recoverable is never disclosed. 

Finally, I really doubt that ISIS has access to world class crypto experts who can create unbreakable systems. Schneier's Law applies here: "any person can invent a security system so clever that she or he can not break it."

I am quite sure there are plenty of people who can.

This is simply FUD to get people to insist that "secure" backdoors are installed on consumer devices in order for all of us to feel safe.