Lessons from Harvey

Here are some lessons to learn from Harvey.

1. Martial law was declared in Houston.

2. People were ordered to shelter in place and not to leave their homes under the threat of arrest or immediate execution. (Yes boys and girls, that is what a curfew is. The idea is that the police will arrest violators, but the reality is that they can use lethal force at their discretion. A second reality that you will not see in the media is that once curfews are established martial law is in place and the military can be used for police actions. Unlike the police, the military is trained to kill first and then ask questions, this is why our founding fathers never wanted a standing army.)

3. Gun confiscations took place. Not only were the Katrina like door to door confiscations, people were required to be disarmed to assist or to seek aid from a shelter.

Here are a few suggestions to avoid becoming a victim begging for food and water from the government or somewhere like the Red Cross.

1. Always have enough supplies to be able to survive in place for at least 30 days.

2. Always have the ability to bug out to a prepped safe location.

3. Always be aware of the situation around you and in something like the case of a hurricane, you will have plenty of notice to bug out of needed,

4. Never put yourself in a situation where you must give up liberty for safety. It is avoidable if you plan ahead.

For where I live in central Oklahoma, this can be simple things like having a good gravity based water filtration system, stored water, a stocked pantry with foods that do not require a freezer, a generator, storm shelter, and guns/ammo.

The weeks following 20 May 2013 was the most recent test for my area. While not directly impacted by a tornado, we were cut off from anything north of South Moore. We had a complete cell phone failure for the first 48 hours and unreliable cell for a week, lost power for 48 hours with another week of unreliable power. Finally, we lost potable water for close to a month.

For us it was not that big of a deal. The generator was on, we actively use the Berkey water filter for all our potable water needs anyway, and we had plenty of stored foods in the pantry. Cox managed to get their internet back up within a few days, so we had internet. It took about a month for things to return to normal.

Things would have been much different if we did not prepare. Since we were prepared, we were able to assist others and helped where we could.